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Product description

This website is built on the WordPress platform. By far the easiest to use admin area with access to thousands of plugins available for use with your website to enhance and build upon.

This is a completely built ready to go website which includes 20 premium plugins that run and give your site the extra tools to kickass.

Licensed theme meaning when you buy this site we will ask you what your domain name is and we will send you a code so that you will be able to activate the theme to receive future updates for all premium plugins and the theme itself .

Keep in mind that anything can be edited and changed on this site including the width of the site,color,typography and category post styles.

100% automated content,the articles are videos are updated daily through the plugin. If available each category will get updated daily with new content.

This website will make money through the affiliate ads we have installed on the site, if you choose to keep the ads you would simply need to join the affiliate programs for free and you will receive your own affiliate id in which you can edit the ads with,if needed we will help you edit the ads on the site,we will send you the affiliate programs to sign up for after the sale,any questions on these affiliate programs please send us a message. You can also erase these affiliate banners and use your own affiliate ads and products through the ads management system in the admin area.

Whats included with this sale?    Zip file of website only,

however there are options below after you buy the website.

option 1

You are free to use your own hosting however If you would like to use our hosting for the $60 a year plan which includes free set up of site and help with editing the ads once you have signed up for the affiliate programs please let me know,You will have to buy yourself a domain and point the dns to our hosting in which we can help if needed,after that the website will be setup,within 24 hours we will send you the cpanel and admin logins to your website.

option 2

if you have your own hosting and need help with uploading the site you would need to send me the cpanel login to your hosting and I can help upload the site if will need to have your domain set up on your hosting.

option 3

I can simply send you the zip file of the site and database if you prefer that way.

Any questions please send me an email

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